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We have Llamas, Alpacas, Chickens and a dog. 60 minute Ranch experience visits provide the opportunity to be up close to the Llamas and Alpacas, even the chickens.

What is the Forty Hills Ranch Experience.

An opportunity to get up close to an Alpacas, Llamas and Chickens. Experience the curious Chickens who will sometimes run full tilt to see what you are doing, especially if there is any food involved. Get up close to a Llama! Dr. Doolittle had nothing on our Llamas. You have the opportunity to have a Llama or Alpaca eat right out of your hand. Alpacas are more aloof than our Llamas, but still curious and friendly, other than Icecap who is super gregarious! The Ranch Experience is also educational- you will learn where they are from, eating habits, physical details and much more. You will have the opportunity to touch their super soft fur and rub a Llama or Alpaca’s neck. We provide treats to feed the animals from your hand. Guests are given the opportunity to lead a llama or alpaca on their own to experience what a trek is like, depending on their age and physical abilities of course. Guests are given the opportunity to go right into the llama enclosure area to feed and be surrounded by all our llamas. A tour of the Ranch is given during the experience and refreshments are complimentary, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water. The experience lasts approximately one hour depending on the needs and interaction of the guests. We tailor the experience for the best possible visit for everyone.

Photos of the Ranch Experience

About Us

Situated on forested 137 acres. There is both the Ranch experience and Llama trekking all year long.

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By appointment only. All experiences booked through Airbnb

217 Forty Hills Rd
Lions Head, ON N0H 1W0

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